Staff Page

Please can all volunteers give their availability as early as possible to ensure that rosters can be produced in good time, on some of the dates I have indicated how many of each roll (driver, fireman, Guards, signaller etc) are required. Note that more dates may be added in time with extra wedding bookings and other events being added.

Please complete your details below and choose the days that you can help. DONT FORGET TO ADD YOU NAME AND EMAIL OR WE CAN’T TELL WHO’S SENT THE FORM.



Here are some documents which you will need to open and for some print off and complete.


Severn Lamb Coaches Hand Brakes

Operating Notice Balloon Loop Weighted Point

Operating Notice Oaktree Points

SBR 2018 – Rules and Regs Exam Refeshers_

Stafold Barn Railway Tram Operating Procedure October 2018 V1