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You’ve most likely dropped by because you’re either a dog owner or are thinking of owning a dog.

Dog ownership

Owning a dog is all about building a relationship which allows you to enjoy each other’s company and have fun whilst gaining the reassurance of control and keeping you and your dog safe in an ever changing environment.

Pure Dog Events Training Team

We are here to help you with your dog training journey. So let us start by introducing ourselves, Laura, Sandra & Helen.
Between us we have many years of dog training experience and running dog events. Everything from pet dog classes to large dog agility shows. Our passion is everything ‘dog’ and we can’t wait to share our passion.


Here at Pure Dog Events @ Statfold Barn we run everything from puppy classes, basic pet obedience classes, Agility, Heel work to music and ring craft classes. We also do 1 to 1s for dogs that are not suitable for group sessions or if an owner wants to work on something specific. We only train with kind, positive methods and are reward based trainers.

If you have any questions or we haven’t covered something of interest to you on our website please do drop us an email on pureagilityevents@gmail.com



Dog Agility F.A.Q’s

Q – What is dog agility?
A – Have you ever watched Crufts on the TV? The dogs have to navigate a course made up of Jumps, weaves and contacts in a certain order. Dog Agility is a massive sport across the world and is an extremely skilled sport. If you have not trained Agility with your dog before our guest training days are not what you are looking for, please drop us an email to discuss what you are looking for.

Q – I’m interested in starting agility with my dog, how can I find out if there are classes suitable for me?
A – Please either email pureagilityevents@gmail.com or message find us on facebook ‘Pure Agility’

Q – My dog has never done agility before or is only very basic, are guest training days suitable for me?
A – Our guest training days are aimed at people who are training regular agility already. The guest training days are not designed for people brand new to agility.