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Statfold Barn Railway

Enthusiast Day – Quarry Hunslet 150

20th March 2021

Join us for our belated Birthday celebrations for the Quarry Hunslet…

In 2020 the Quarry Hunslet turned 150 years old, with the first narrow-gauge quarry Hunslet being ordered for the Dinorwic Slate Quarry of North Wales in 1870. This first design evolved over the years and the quarry Hunslets became synonymous with the slate industry of North Wales…

We know we are year late with our Birthday celebrations but with the uncertainty around the Pandemic we thought we would dedicate our March Enthusiast Day to all things Quarry Hunslet.

We are in the initial planning stages at the moment…but it promises to be good.

Our Enthusiast Days are set-aside from our busy public events and are exclusive to enthusiasts aged 10 and above only.

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